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The safety and well-being of our athletes, families and the entire CBF School soccer community are of upmost importance. Therefore, we are strictly following the guidelines and recommendations imposed by local authorities. All staff and coaches have been educated on Return to Play protocols to prepare their soccer activities and contribute for a safe and healthy environment.


In keeping with the requirements and guidelines as set forth by the CDC, State of Florida, County of Palm Beach, and Federal/State/County Health Departments regarding COVID-19 please read below for our guidelines that will be in place during practices.

  • Check in will only take place in predetermined area outside of the field.

  • Players or guardians dropping of the players cannot have shown signs or symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days. If an individual has had a documented case of the COVID-19 infection, a doctor’s note is needed to clear to participate in training sessions.

  • Temperature checks will be conducted at the check-in daily, for Coaches, staff and Players.

  • Coaches & staff will ask each player if they are experiencing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19. If the athlete shows any signs or symptoms of infection, they will be sent home and prompted to contact a healthcare provider.

  • Spectators (non-players and parents) will be requested to remain off-site during training sessions, breaks, and practices.

  • Players must have their own bottle of water labeled with enough water for the whole day. Refill them will not be allowed. Sharing bottles is strictly forbidden.

  • All parents and players must sign the COVID-19 Waiver at our front office


Summer Camp Covid

2021 Summer Camp Protocols and Requirements for Campers and Parents:


At CBF School we continue to use the utmost of caution when it comes to the health and safety of everyone on campus. In keeping with the requirements and guidelines as set forth by the CDC, State of Florida, County of Palm Beach, and Federal/State/County Health Departments regarding COVID-19 please read below for our practices that will be in place during camps this summer.

In addition to below protocols, during this summer camp season, we are making sure to limit the number of campers as well as the number of people who come on campus to ensure we maintain proper social distancing guidelines and mitigate the potential to spread any illness.

All campers must complete a COVID-19 test prior to arrival! Please see the attached document for COVID-19 test requirements.

  • Small group training sessions should take place in an area where social distancing can be maintained. Groups should be 10 people or less

  • All commonly used surfaces will be disinfected regularly including major touch points.

  • Facilities and common areas will be rearranged to help facilitate proper social distancing, which will be ENFORCED and monitored regularly.

  • Lunch areas will be designated respecting social distancing.

  • Each camper should bring their own food and drink labeled. Campers must not share any food/beverage items.

  • Signage regarding proper handwashing hygiene have already been placed around campus as reminder for campers and staff

  • Camper is not allowed to report for camp if camper is showing any sign of illness or fever. Temperature checks are conducted upon arrival each day. If camper Temperature is 100.4 or above parent will be called to pick camper up.  Camper cannot return to the program for 48 hours thereafter.

  • Spectators (non-players and coaches) are highly recommend to not be onsite for any training or practices. If extremely necessary, Parents might be able to watch their kids only from the bleachers respecting entry/exit signs and MUST wear mask and keep Social Distancing on campus all the times.

  • Campers MUST bring their own hand sanitizer and wipes and must sanitize hands frequently during all program hours.

  • • Campers MUST bring and wear their own masks. Masks are MANDATORY and must be worn at all times on campus with the exception during camp activities/sessions.

  • Campers should bring their own snacks and drinks. Water fountains are not available on campus.

  • We will update the best practices as time goes by and post them here. Fighting the outbreak of Coronavirus is a joint effort so we invite you to take a look at the FYSA Return to Play Guidelines which base our actions.

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